Reclaiming the Archive: Feminism and Film History

Wayne State University Press, 2010

Table of Contents

Introduction to Reclaiming the Archive

Part I: Gazing Outward: The Spectrum of Feminist Reception History


1. Laura Mulvey (Birkbeck University), “Unmasking the Gaze: Feminist Film Theory, History, and Film Studies”

2. Janet Staiger (University of Texas-Austin), “Les Belles Dames sans Merci, Femmes Fatales, Vampires, Vamps, and Gold Diggers: The Transformation and Narrative Value of Aggressive Fallen Women”

3. Annette Kuhn (Queen Mary, University of London), “’I wanted life to be romantic, and I wanted to be thin’: girls growing up with cinema in the 1930s”

4.Suzanne Leonard (Simmons College), “The ‘True Love’ of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton”

5.Terri Simone Francis, “She Will Never Look”: Film Spectatorship, Black Feminism and Scary Subjectivities”

Part II: Rewriting Authorship


6. Shelley Stamp (University of California-Santa Cruz), “Lois Weber, Star Maker”

7. Ayako Saito, (Meiji Gakuin University), “Reading as a Woman: The Collaboration of Ayako Wakao and Yasuzo Masumura”

8. Genevieve Sellier, (University of Caen), “Women in the Nouvelle Vague: The Lost Continent?”

9. Victoria Duckett (Università Cattolica, Milan), “Investigating an Interval: Sarah Bernhardt, Hamlet, and the Paris Exposition of 1900”

10. Yvonne Tasker (University of East Anglia), “Vision and Visibility: Women Filmmakers, Contemporary Authorship and Feminist Film Studies”

11. Patricia White (Swarthmore), “Black and White: Mercedes de Acosta’s Glorious Enthusiasms” (reprint, Camera Obscura 45 Volume 15.3 2000)

 Part III: Excavating Early Cinema


12. Sumiko Higashi (SUNY, Brockport), “Vitagraph Stardom: Constructing Personalities for “New” Middle-Class Consumption”

13. Giuliana Muscio, (University of Padua), “Women Screenwriters in American Silent Cinema”

14. Amy Shore (SUNY, Oswego), “Making More than a Spectacle of Themselves: Creating the Militant Suffragette in Votes for Women”

15. Joanne Hershfield (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), “Visualizing the Modern Mexican Woman: Santa and Cinematic Nation-Building”

16. Sandy Flitterman-Lewis (Rutgers University), “Sisters in Rebellion: The Unexpected Kinship of Germaine Dulac and Virginia Woolf”

 Part IV: Constructing a (Post)Feminist Future


17. Michele Schreiber (Emory University) “Misty Water-Colored Memories of the Way We Were…” Post-Feminist Nostalgia in Contemporary Romance Narratives

18. Anna Everett (University of California-Santa Barbara), “On Cyberfeminism and Cyberwomanism: High-Tech Mediations of Feminism’s Discontents” (adapted from “Double Click:  The Million Woman March on Television and the Internet,”in Television After TV: Essays on a Medium in Transition, eds. Lynn Spigel and Jan Olsson, Durham and London, Duke UP, 2004: 224-241; and from the recently completed manuscript:  Digital Diaspora: A Race for Cyberspace.)

19. Soyoung Kim (Korean National University of Arts, School of Film and Multimedia) “The Birth of the Local Feminist Sphere in the Global Era: Yeoseongjang and ‘Trans-cinema’”

(reprint Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Spring 2004)

20. Vicki Callahan (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), “The Future of the Archive: An Interview with Lynn Hershman Leeson”