Last spring I was fortunate to have my USC graduate seminar, Digital Pedagogies, receive an invitation to a virtual showing of Lance Weiler’s documentary project, Where There’s Smoke, https://smokeproject.com It was amazing experience that brought together Zoom, a Miro whiteboard, film, photography, and live performance. Weiler’s project began as an installation and premiered at Tribeca in April 2019 but with covid shutdown, he reimagined for an online context. Last summer, I interviewed Lance about the work, its past, present, and future permutations and his thoughts on what he has called “generative documentary.” You can read the interview in the latest Afterimage, March 2022, which you can find here: https://online.ucpress.edu/afterimage/article-abstract/49/1/14/120356/Where-There-s-Smoke-and-the-Generative?redirectedFrom=fulltext

Below is a photograph from Lance Weiler’s show, Where There’s Smoke