This year at the SCMS conference, I will be participating in the workshop on Saturday, March 17,  “In the Mix: The Collaborative Video Essay in Theory and Praxis,” with Christina Lane, Daniel Clarkson Fisher, Liz Cambron, Nina Bradley, and Nicole Richter.  Our workshop will share our remixes over the last couple of months of a shared pool of clips dealing with the issue of “Post-Truth.”   We are doing a couple of rounds, remixing from the collaborative pool of clips and then remixing our team’s remixed videos.  Here’s a sample of some from our first round:

Christina Lane’s “Post-Truth”

Post-truth 3_02_Lane from Christina Lane on Vimeo.

Daniel Clarkson Fisher’s “The Twilight Zone”

The Outer Limits (SCMS Round 1) from Daniel Clarkson Fisher on Vimeo.

and my remix, “Willkommnen”

Willkommen from DJ Zoe Trop on Vimeo.

For more remixes and info about the workshop, see here: