I am just back from the fabulous Conducttr Conference in London, organized by Robert Pratten.   It was a great event that brought representatives from the creative and academic communities together to discuss transmedia storytelling.  We heard about some amazing projects such as  Jonny Virgo’s City of ConspiracyJill Golick’s Ruby Skye PI, and Alison Norrington’s work on the transmedia world, The Chatsfield, which was tied to a series of Harlequin Mills and Boon’s novels.

Sarah Atkinson (University of Brighton) and myself presented on our ongoing transmedia database project that hopes to establish a shared taxonomy as well as research and archival site for projects across the diverse world of transmedia storytelling.   We had a lively conversation with artists, archivists, and academics at the conference that brought some wonderful new ideas and great connections.

Big thanks to Robert Pratten for a super event that brought people together and initiated a productive conversation on cross-platform storytelling.

Here’s Sarah and my presentation on our TMDB project. Big thanks to Robert Foster and Jeff Aldrich, who have been working on the tech and design site of the site with us for some time. Our site is very much a work in progress, but you can follow our adventure here: http://www.tmdbonline.org